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From a modest beginnings of a single person owned business in 1989, the Azizi Holdings has overcome its fair share of turbulence and trials to reach its current status. Started with a meagre sum of 700 USD by an Afghan refugee, Mirwais Azizi, who was seemingly handicapped due to a lack of understanding the local language, the company was started as a response to his attempt to look after his family’s need.

Afghanistan a landlocked country in Central Asia, has been a focal point on the ancient Silk Route and not a new player in the global eco-political landscape. It has in the recent past been embroiled in a devastation levied on it by destructive forces and as such has witnessed a huge exodus of its civilians to foreign lands in search of a safe existence. The sudden onset of the war did not allow the government machinery sufficient time to respond and the field was open for mercenary and terrorist elements to take advantage by unleashing a spate of atrocities on the local population which lead close to half a million residents to flee from their home. One of such refugees was Mirwais Azizi who fled with his family to the sanctuary of nearby nations where he started life all over again from ground zero.

It was Mirwais Azizi’s resilience and passion for pushing the limits that saw him bring together diverse talent and place them as remarkable leaders and entrepreneurs to take the small trading outfit to its present stature as a respected professional organization with a turnover of over USD $ 1.5 (B) and substantial presence in banking, energy, infrastructure, agriculture and hospitality.

While based in UAE, the company has been sensitive to its growth potential to various emerging markets apart from its strategic vision and objectives to invest in Afghanistan apart from other Central Asia, Eastern European and North African Markets where it is seeking to extend or further consolidate its footprint, in addition to its significant presence in UAE.


Our Address:

API World Tower Suite No. 902/904 P.O. Box: 121385 Sheikh Zayed Rd. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


25.20508717643833, 55.27082105529382


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