A fitter you can do wonders!!

//A fitter you can do wonders!!
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I started yoga and aerobics after two months of my first delivery just because I have to obey my sister who was running a fitness Centre for ladies at Cochin. Being bounded to the typical home maker role, my life was heavily boring unless I get an exposure to enjoy with family at outdoors.

When I got conceived, I was thrown to lost myself. Home making will not make a women stressed, but your thoughts may create a revolution in mental state. I was undergoing an experimental stage of nine months without any restrictions on food and sleep. All happiness was the arrival of newbie to our world.

Moving along with each days after delivery, I terribly realized that, am completely lost with my body!!
Yeah… I could not even stand for a shorter time. A women’s most wonderful dream, has become very heavier to me. Day by day I was getting worse with my health. Post-delivery stresses and weakened body have changed my life into a tragic state. A home is always incomplete with an unhealthy home maker.

As my sister was working as a fitness trainer at Cochin, the diagnosis was done at home itself with her keen observation on me. She was running a special fitness center for men and women in Cochin.
I was force to accept the reality. My husband have produced me for sessions with many Doctors and professional fitness consultants. I have accepted the fact that making my body fitter than before delivery will give back all my happiness.

The next stage was taken by my better half. He have made a lot of studies on importance of fitness and fitness programs available in and around Ernakulum district. Luckily we were in the right place. This wonderful place has got a lot of fitness clubs. Even though many exclusive fitness club and gym were available for ladies and gents, we were attracted to a famous fitness course in Cochin which was focused to reduce post-delivery stress and health issues.

I started my journey to fitness with more expectation. I was fully concentrated to a sole question. How can I become fitter? My fitness class was a combination of Yoga, swimming and aerobics. Professional instructors and fitness influencers in Cochin helped me to mold back to a fitter me. I was much conscious about the developments, so that we have purchased a leading fitness band from Ernakulum. This helped in tracking myself in the fitness club and I got more motivated to go on.

I had a perfect fitness journey at Cochin. After few months, along with our little happiness, we have seen that home is being complete. My home was made of love and peace with my energy and enthusiasm. I have learned that nothing can bring you down if you are fit. I never got challenged emotionally then after.
Now a days along with my fitness maintenance journey in a health club at Cochin, I take part in fitness and health challenges too. Take into note that, “you are not living, if not healthy”
Now, am continuing a complete life. I have time for home and time for my health.

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